Successful Business Owner Paying Too Much In Taxes

Are You A Successful Business Owner And Totally Frustrated By The Amount You Pay In Taxes?

Tax compliance is not the same as tax planning. Your CPA or tax preparer may check all the right boxes to help keep you out of trouble, but that’s not enough! This is merely tax compliance. To save money, you need a tax planning strategy.

Keeping the most of what you make is important to your business, and we want that too. We can find the missing opportunities that may be costing you thousands in taxes every year.

Meet Lee Schwartz!

Born and raised in southwestern ND in a family who owned their own business, Lee developed a strong work ethic, a grounded outlook on life, and a knack developing and nurturing friendships and relationships. Always active, loving any time on or near water, a passion for health&fitness, numbers and music were evident from early on.

Health&fitness took the lead for education and career, leading to a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1998. Running his own business, caring for people from 1998 till 2016 full time. A career transition took place in 2016 as Lee learned of a section in the US Tax Code allowing a very effective and efficient way to increase spendable dollars for his tomorrows.

The passion for numbers surfaced and a calculated transition was underway. As a professional insurance advisor, Lee brings a level of detail and care to clients he has been bringing to people who have sought his care for two+ decades. Interestingly, there is a tremendous overlap in how he adds value and care while increasing people’s quality of life as an advisor. His clients see this and appreciate this.

Lee resides in White Bear Lake, MN. Yes, near water. Very involved in the community since 1998 as both of his adult children were raised here along with being an involved member of the business and sports community in the area too.

As far as music goes, Lee has an appreciation being raised when the WalkMan was the cool thing and then to nowadays having millions of songs at our fingertips, almost anywhere we are. No musical talent…yet ??

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