Risk Mitigation for Business Owners

Protect and Increase Your Business Profits

Use your own insurance company to protect business risk and mitigate taxes by building accessible reserves and increasing revenue.

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If any of the following describe your business, you’re a potential candidate for an 831(b) reinsurance program.

- Is for-profit and profitable; ~$700,000+ annual gross revenue
- Has ~$75,000+ in annual tax liability
- Is a service-industry (SSBT) business that did not qualify for the 199(a) deduction due to their combined adjusted gross income exceeding $364,000.
- Has an owner that is max-funding a qualified retirement plan, especially if they are primarily funding it to mitigate taxes.
- Is in the dental field (dentist ortho, endo/perio, etc.).
- Is currently self-funding their health insurance or has 50+ employees and should be self-funding.
- Has an owner with $100,000+ of discretionary annual income.

The 831(b) works well for most business types (LLC, S-Corp, sole proprietor, C-Corp, etc.) but is especially beneficial for C-Corps as they will only be taxed once at LTCG rates.

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Meet Your Host, Roger Roundy

Roger Roundy is the Owner/CEO of Strategic Associates, LLC. Strategic Associates is a Risk Mitigation firm focused primarily on the education and implementation of various tax code strategies, including tax code 831(b), Captive, and Private Re-Insurance.

Throughout his years of risk management and tax mitigation services, Roger has helped hundreds of business owners and individuals find solutions to protect their incomes from the wealth-eroding factors of risk and taxes. As the CEO and Director of Operations for 831(b) solutions with Strategic Associates, Roger thrives on providing value using innovative but sound insurance and planning solutions.

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